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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide you with a world class regulatory consulting service, focusing on efficiency, cost-effectiveness and adding value to your company.

Our Experience

LE4D LTD was found by Dr. Zubair Hussain.

Zubairs experience includes senior positions in small and large pharmaceutical and medical device companies, with global responsibilities for the EU, US, China, Russia, Asia and Latin America. His most recent role was at Ipsen Biopharma where Zubair held a global role as Senior Vice President, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs. Prior to Ipsen, Zubair worked at Alcon (a Novartis company) in ophthalmology as Vice-President Regulatory, Head of EMEA, Russia, CIS and Africa. Prior to that, Zubair worked in various leadership roles in regulatory affairs, quality assurance and compliance at Pfizer, Wyeth and Pharmacia.

After working in various leadership roles in the industry for many years, Zubair decided to establish his own Regulatory Consulting Company. This led to the birth of Le4d Ltd. He has since then worked to establish a reputable clientele and expanded his company and workforce.


Zubair has a PhD in neuropharmacology from Oxford University, a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the London School of Pharmacy, and an Executive MBA from London Business School.


Zubair has been President (2010), Director and a Board Member of TOPRA (The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs). He is still an active member and involved with TOPRA and has helped shape the regulatory environment whilst President. Zubair is well published in TOPRA and has been in the spotlight over the years. Please see PUBLICATIONS for further information.

Zubair works with a team of like-minded trusted experts who are committed to following the needs of their clients to provide them with a personal and timely executed service.